Past seminars

Improve Your Database Tuning Skills by Uwe Ricken

This one-day instructor-led course provides students who manage and maintain SQL Server databases with the knowledge and skills to performance tune and optimize their databases. Course will take place on September 10th 2021 at Hotel International, Miramarska 24, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia.

Session abstract

Are you already an experienced programmer and know your way around the Microsoft SQL Server development language? Still, there are always problems with query runtimes that you cannot explain to yourself. Data is not written to database tables fast enough and you are looking for ways to optimize ETL processes?

These are all things that pose new challenges for a database developer daily. This workshop for database developers closes many of these gaps and uses practical examples to explain, analyze and solve the problems.

  • Parameter sniffing
  • Non SARGable queries
  • Sort spills
  • Implicit conversion
  • Temporary tables vs. Table variables
  • Recursive CTEs
  • partitioning
  • scalar functions

This workshop is suitable for database developers who are already beyond the basics and want to sharpen the nuances. Ideally, you already have experience with execution plans and are very familiar with the SQL Server Management Studio.

Target group of the workshop

Experienced database developers who would like to get a deeper insight into the tuning options of Microsoft SQL Server.

Knowledge required

  • Basics of T-SQL
  • Execution Plan Basics


About the speaker

Uwe Ricken is working with IT systems since the 90’s. He found the way to the technology of Microsoft SQL Server with the assignment for the development of membership administration software for the American Chamber of Commerce in Germany. Afterwards the software has been distributed to five additional European countries.

The primary passion for developments with Microsoft SQL Server expanded in 2007 with his engagement as a DBA for the Deutsche Bank AG in Frankfurt am Main. After 6 years of experiences in the European Operations Center as a DBA and over 14 years as a developer of complex database models he earned in May 2013 the “Microsoft Certified Master – SQL Server 2008” certification which “was” the highest technical certification from Microsoft.

The successful year 2013 has been finalized with the first MVP award for his outstanding support to the Microsoft SQL Server community in Germany and Europe. Uwe Ricken was the first MCM + MVP in Germany!

To provide his deep knowledge about Microsoft SQL Server to the interested community Uwe is blogging since 2010 at about his daily experiences with Microsoft SQL Server. His blog posts are in German language only to provide the German speaking SQL community a deeper inside view into the technology of Microsoft SQL Server. Uwe Ricken is a speaker on many international conferences and events and preferred topics for “Database Internals”, “Indexing” and “Development”.