Past seminars

SQL Server Performance Tuning by Torsten Strauß

This one-day instructor-led course provides students who manage and maintain SQL Server databases with the knowledge and skills to performance tune and optimize their databases. Course will take place on September 18th 2020 at Hotel International, Miramarska 24, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia.

Session abstract

Optimizing the performance of your SQL Server has always been important, but now this task becomes even more important. In times of cloud database services, with a well-functioning SQL Server you can save a lot of money by down-scaling your database or simply get more performance for your money.

In this practical one-day workshop you will learn how to optimally set up, configure and monitor your SQL Server to get the most out of your database.

In detail we will cover the following topics:

  1. SQLOS
    • Concept of the non-preemptive SQLOS
    • Setting of Maximum Degree of Parallelism and Cost Threshold for Parallelism
    • Analyse and resolve waits like latches and blocks
  2. Storage Engine
    • PFS, SGAM, GAM
    • Extent
    • Add the best number of files in user database and tempdb
  3. Query Engine
    • Interpret the Query Plan
    • Understand the most common iterators and their memory, CPU and IO impact
    • Use Query Store to find most expensive queries and detect plan regression
    • Index tuning

About the speaker

This workshop is led by Torsten Strauß (MCT, MCSE Data Platform, MCSE Data Management and Analytics) who has been working with Microsoft SQL Server since the turn of the millennium.

He currently works as Database Engineer and Microsoft SQL Server Evangelist for BP Europe SE and as CEO of inside-sqlserver.

Torsten has delivered more than 100 presentations about Microsoft SQL Server at national and international conferences and user groups and has been recognized as a Microsoft Data Platform MVP since July 2018.